Top 5 OBOT Project Benefits

1.     JOBS:

Sustains and creates hundreds of jobs including construction and long-term operational career opportunities in an area that has suffered from over 16% unemployment

2.     EXPORTS:

Enhances capacity and efficiency for the only U.S. West Coast port that exports more than it imports – solidifying Oakland as a leader in international trade and commerce


Rail access adjacent to the break bulk terminal eliminates the need for freight to be trucked to OBOT, which increases roadway safety and reduces harmful truck diesel emissions


Investment from OBOT and its Oakland Global private sector partners unlocks over $325 million in federal, state, and county grants, and protects past investment in rail connections, distribution centers, and deep navigation channels


Provides more service options for U.S. shippers seeking avenues to foreign trade, increases market access for new businesses, and enhances the gateway to world markets for American commodities

The 1999 closure of the Oakland Army Base resulted in the loss of over 7,000 jobs for the region, and left behind 366 acres of underutilized maritime and industrial property.  The loss of that economic activity and diminishment of Oakland’s industrial base lead to a sharp decline in the economic vitality of the surrounding neighborhoods.  After 3 years of community planning, neighborhood workshops, and public hearings, the City of Oakland, Port of Oakland, community members, and private development partners, including OBOT, co-authored one of the most robust community benefits packages in the nation, and incorporated that benefits package into the Oakland Global project documents.  As an Oakland Global project partner, OBOT will implement the goals and requirements set forth in the following project community benefits documents: